Find your Perfect Match

XBlockchain Summit has introduced a business matchmaking tool which allows you to access the Pitch & Match meeting service that has been made freely available for all registered delegates and exhibitors to use in order to arrange meetings at the event.

Pitch & Match is an XBlockchain Summit matchmaking tool.

Get the best experiences from your XBlockchain Summit!
If you’re registered at XBlockchain Summit, you will receive an email from Pitch and Match with your login and password. Activate your account now and start scheduling meetings with industry experts and potential business partners with our specialized matchmaking tools.

How do I register?

If you have booked your admission ticket through our Eventbrite process, then we will automatically add you to the Pitch & Match system and you will receive a notification with the log in details. This can take up to 48 hours from Eventbrite confirmation to activation, but as we get nearer the event we will be doing this with increased urgency – updating the system regularly every day.

How much does it cost to use this service?

It’s FREE to all delegates of XBlockchain Summit.
You can make as many meeting requests as you like, and accept as many as you can fit in. The only restriction is that you can only fill the total number of available time slots in your agenda for the two days.

I've not received my email notification with my log in details, what do I do?

We aim to have you activated on the Pitch & Match system within 24 hours – but please allow for some downtime over the weekends. Occasionally, spam filters can sideline genuine emails but to help get our important emails through we suggest you white list emails from XBlockchain Summit.

Do I have to complete my profile?

Completing your profile page with as much information as possible will enable you to network and promote yourself more effectively. Your preferences or areas of business interest for the event will enable potential business partners to find you easily, select you from the list and propose a meeting. Likewise, if everyone does the same, you’ll be able to find the best potential clients or business partners. If you choose to not to complete your contact details no-one will tell you off… just bear in mind that this may hinder the ability for your confirmed meeting request to be able to contact you, say, should they need to change the meeting point at the last minute.

How do I contact the person I am meeting?

Once the meeting between you has been confirmed, then you should be able to see the other person’s email address.
If they have provided their phone number on their profile page, then you should be able to see this also.

Can I meet people outside of the venue?

Of course, you are perfectly free to meet people at a more suitable location outside the venue but you accept full responsibility for that location. You may also want to consider that being outside of the venue may delay you getting to the next seminars or meetings, or just hearing any of the latest announcements in the event.