XBlockchain Awards 2018

XBlockchain Summit seeks to recognize breakthrough innovation by individuals, companies, and organizations. The awards are free to enter and open to brands, ICOs , technology providers, consultancies, strategists, developers and individuals.

XBlockchain Awards 2018 will be a new standard for innovation in the world’s fastest developing technology in its fastest-developing region. Entries close 11:59 p.m (GMT+7), Friday, September 21st, 2018.

Blockchain Startup of The Year

The past three years have delivered a crowded field of new blockchain ventures, many of which promise to be landmarks in the technology’s development. This award will recognise businesses created in the past three years and which are judged to best represent the spirit of developing revolutionary, positive ideas in a short span of time. (Open to start-ups created between 2014 and 2017 and with fewer than 50 employees).

Cryptocurrency of the Year

Using the blockchain to store and send value has propelled the blockchain industry to global recognition. This award will recognise the currency deemed to have best set a new global standard for cryptocurrency innovation.

The Best Industry Use of Blockchain

Industry-specific uses for blockchain will be acknowledged by this award, which specifically aims to recognise examples of blockchain’s power to change an established industry for the better.

Best Initial Coin Offering

The recent crop of successful blockchain companies have shown that execution of an idea can matter as much as its strength of purpose. This award acknowledges the ICOs that have managed launches with a high standard of excellence.

The Best Blockchain Technology Developer 2018

This award will distinguish the visionaries behind the best and biggest blockchain technology developments in their respective industries.

The Biggest Contributor to the Rise of Blockchain in 2018

This honour will be reserved for organisations and individuals who, by setting an example of excellence, have inspired the development of others.

The Blockchain Leader of the Year

The Blockchain Leader of the Year award will be presented to individuals who have been judged to truly stand out within an already-crowded field of visionary thinkers and entrepreneurs.

The Iron Chain 2018: Most Outstanding Blockchain Company

This award is dedicated to the recognition of a significant regional breakthrough in the blockchain industry in the past year and one which is judged to shape its future in the next.

The Judges’ Choice 2018

This honour – the summit’s highest – will be open to short-listed candidates in every category and will be presented to the person or organisation that judges believe best represents blockchain’s potential for positive evolution.